Turnbull Clan Association

Enumclaw, Washington

by Bill and Pat Trimble

tca tent hosts
Bob Harris, Rochester, NY poses with TCA Tent hosts, Dale Hilding, “Angus Turnbull,” Mary Kay Hilding, Kim Trimble, Pat & Bill Trimble, and Kim’s daughter & granddaughter, Lynn & Emma Lenz.

On July 31st, as the fog lifted around the Enumclaw Expo Center and the sound of bagpipes filled the air, the 64th Annual Seattle Scottish Highland Games began.
The hosts of the Turnbull Clan tent were Bill & Pat Trimble, Kim Trimble, and Dale and Mary Kay Hilding. Our special guest was Robert Harris of Rochester, New York, who we met in July 2009--when we were in Hawick, Scotland for the Turnbull Monument Dedication. Bob had never been to Washington State, so Bill and Dale invited him to come out for a visit and join us at our Turnbull tent at the Seattle Games! He did, and we made sure he had a great time!
Several people stopped by the TCA tent to look at and take pictures of our unique “guardian”: a tall, good-looking mannequin named Angus Turnbull. who came with Dale and Mary Kay. People wanted to know about him, his costume and his armor! In fact, several thought Angus was a Mime!
The weekend weather was perfect: slightly overcast in the morning, then sunny and warm in the afternoon! We had a great time talking to dozens of visitors, as well as relatives, friends, other Clan tent hosts, and several vendors and performers. Since our tent was directly across from the south stage, we enjoyed performances by the Wicked Tinkers (from California) and Needfire (from Texas).
rick van meeter of seattle knightsFollowing the Massing of the Bands (30 bands participated this year) on Saturday, the youngest Turnbulls--Dylan and Kasey Drettwan (Pat and Bill’s grandsons) and Emma Lenz (Kim’s
grand-daughter) proudly carried the Turnbull Clan banner as we marched in the Parade of Clans.
Sunday afternoon, we were visited by Rick Van Meeter, a member of The Seattle Knights (a medieval reenactment company). Rick was wearing his costume-- a breacan an fheilidh ( a Great Kilt)--yards and yards of Turnbull Hunting Tartan. The kilt was a Birthday gift from his Grandmother whose maiden name was Turnbull.

banner carriers dylan kasey drettwan  emma lenz
Bill and Pat Trimble’s grandsons Dylan and Kasey Drettwan and Kim Trimble’s granddaughter, Emma Lenz carry the Turnbull banner and lead the Turnbull Coalition in the Parade of Clans!

Because of that family connection, he spent several minutes talking to Bill about Turnbull Clan’s history, the Clan Association, and what we do at the Scottish Games we attend. He was fascinated with everything and took several pamphlets for himself, his family, and Grandmother!

Athena, Oregon

tca tent side view athena games

2nd place ribbon
Dale Hilding and Bill Trimble, along with “Angus Turnbull” man the award winning tent at the Athena, Oregon, Caledonian Games. Above left: ”Angus” proudly display the 2nd place ribbon for Best Tent. Congratulations!

Bill Trimble, with his wife, Pat, and brother, Kim, traveled to Athena, Oregon, to spend the day with Dale and May Kay Hilding, tent hosts at the Caledonian Games.
People of all ages stopped by the tent throughout the day. They loved the interesting items displayed including Dale’s chain mail, hauberk, helmet and gloves. (And, yes, he does wear them!) Many enjoyed “Angus Turnbull,” the official life-size greeter to the tent.

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