Turnbull Clan Association

TCA Represented at the 46th Annual

Arizona Scottish Gathering

by William Trimble

Claudia (AZ), Bill (WA), Bill (AZ) and Pat (WA) Trimble co-host the Arizona games.

The 46th Annual Arizona Scottish Gathering and Highland Games were held in Phoenix on February 27th. The Games were to continue through the 28th, but were rained out. (An unusual event for Phoenix) The Turnbull Clan Tent was again hosted by Bill and Claudia Trimble and this year Bill and Pat Trimble from Richland, Washington came to co-host. The Games were held at a new venue this year, the Steele Indian School Park. Saturday was overcast, but
pleasant with temperatures in the low 70’s. The attendance was very good in spite of the brewing storm clouds. There was a great social atmosphere among the clans and much sharing of stories and, of course, our favorite beverage.

polly trimble family
Polly Trimble Pace and family pose with Bill.

Billy J. Trimble, a retired policeman from Flagstaff, joined the Turnbull Clan. Polly Trimble Pace took a membership form and was very excited to know there was an organization
she could join that was like family.
Unfortunately, the storm clouds gave way to a torrential rain event on Saturday night. The Park was turned into a soggy, muddy field. Many tents were damaged and their contents
soaked. The call to cancel the day’s events was made early. Many were disappointed including our special guest, Marshall Trimble, Arizona’s State Historian.

turnbulls marching at phoenix
Bill, Claudia and Bill get ready for the Tartan parade.
bill  claudis ducking for cover
Even a soggy Sunday and winds can’t dampen Bill and Claudia’s spirits.

Claudia and I have found the Highland Games to be more than just a social gathering. Many people are interested in their family and look to the Games to help connect with their heritage. Many people came to the Turnbull Clan Tent who were not Turnbulls, but looking for their clan. Some were disappointed their clan was not represented. We encouraged them to start their own clan tent next year as we did five years ago. I would encourage other Turnbulls to do the same. While we have found it to be a lot of work, it is well worth it and very rewarding.


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