Turnbull Clan Association

2010 Orlando Games Represented
by Bob Turnbull

orlando tentThis was the first time I have attended a two day event. The Orlando Highland Games just started last year doing both Saturdays and Sundays.
When I arrived on Saturday morning its was coolish and very foggy which kinda set the mood. The clan tents are located in a woodsy part of the park a bit away from most activities. The weather forecast for Saturday was mostly cloudy with a good chance of rain, thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon. Luckily it held off until after the event had ended for Saturday. There were about 31 Clans being represented this year.
Sunday started off nice and sunny in the low 70’s. As the day progressed the winds became a major factor with gusts well over 25 mph the rest of the day and that made it difficult to keep things on the tables and not being blown off. By late afternoon the winds were so strong that many of the vendor canopies were blown off and the beer wagons canopy collapsed onto the table full of poured beer.
bob  vanessaMy daughter Vanessa was able to join me on Sunday and we enjoyed lots of great conversation with the “Scotts” in the adjoining tent. We also really enjoyed their sharing their “Apple
Pie” drink with us as well!
We had a few inquires from people who knew someone that was a Turnbull and took information with them. A returning couple from the past several years was David & Wendi Turnbull from Sorrento, Florida. I was please to have David with me during the March of the Tartans. I hope to see them again next year.
At the end of the day we packed up and were able to view the closing ceremonies, always a special event. I heard that there were around 20,000 people on Saturday and much lesson Sunday but still a nice turnout. Looking forward to next year.

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