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Fatlips Castle Offically Closed 2009


fatlips 2009rFatlips Castle has this week had a Sealed Door installed in the entrance.  Please do not attempt to enter the castle.  The Roof has been inspected by a Structural Engineer and it has been deemed too unsafe for entry to the tower.

You can see images of inside the Tower using the Gallery on this site, and there is a Video on Youtube of a tour of the Crags. People are still welcome by the land owner to visit the tower and enjoy the wonderful views and architecture from the outside. This is for your safety - the roof is coming down, its a matter of when, and no one should be inside it when that happens - imagine the consequences!                                           

Friday 20th March 2009

The Burning Beacon  www.rulewater.com

Save Fatlips!!! FatlipsFacebook

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