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Fatlips to be Restored 2011


fatlips WallyFatlips Castle, once a Turnbull Stronghold, sits atop Minto Crags in the Borders. The Castle has found support through Historic Scotland to undergo restoration. This is great news for the Scottish Borders and to the Turnbull Clan, as Fatlips was once a Turnbull Stronghold.

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Gemma Barnard, an honorary Turnbull, grew up in the Borders in the Bedrule area. Fatlips was her backyard playground. She recalls many wonderful memories of climbing the crags, and sitting atop the beautiful cliff Fatlips calls home, enjoying the unique and spectacular view of the Teviotdale.

 fatlips WallyFatlips Castle, once a Turnbull Stronghold, sits atop Minto Crags in the Borders. Photo by Wally TurnbullOver recent years, with Fatlips falling into ruin, Gemma worked tirelessly to keep the pubic aware of the need to save this historic tower house. Without her dedication, the place Turnbulls know as Fatlips Castle might have become just a mention in history books.
While the majority of the needed £200,000 projected budget is being provided by Historic Scotland, and Minto Estates, which owns Fatlips, funds are still needed to complete this project. It is estimated that between £10,000 and £20,000 additional will be needed. ($15,000-$30,000)

TCA Honorary Chief, Wally Turnbull, says “This is truly a project that should be important to all of us, a dream come true. Each one of us needs to do his or her part, not just because funds are needed but also so that we can each be a part of Fatlips forever. Contribute whatever you can, $1000, $100, or $5. It is needed and will make a difference to history.”and help secure it for future generations to enjoy.”

From the offical press release: Borders landmark Fatlips Castle is to undergo a £200,000 facelift to save it for future generations to enjoy... The castle near Jedburgh has sat empty since the 1960s and its condition has deteriorated significantly.
Now the Tweed Forum has secured funding from a range of groups to carry out major renovation work. Director Luke Comins said: “This is a very significant moment in the history of the castle and for local people who enjoy its enormous contribution to the landscape...
“Some £200,000 has been secured from Historic Scotland, Scottish Borders Council, SBC Landfill Credits Fund and Lord Minto which is enough to initiate the works and we are extremely grateful for their support.”
He said the Minto family had been trying to stop the “incessant vandalism” of the property but with “limited success”. “It has now got to the stage where there is an urgent need to save the roof from complete collapse,” said Mr Comins. “This is a great opportunity to start afresh and help secure it for future generations to enjoy.”
Fatlips Castle was originally built by the Turnbull family but was completely rebuilt by the Elliots of Minto, the current owners, in 1857. It was further remodelled as a family museum and shooting lodge by Sir Robert Lorimer in 1897. However, since the 1960s it has been unoccupied and its condition has deteriorated over the decades. The building work is expected to be completed by mid-2013.

Fatlips Restoration Underway!

fatlips 4Gemma (Hon. Turnbull) Barnard reports that Fatlips restoration has begun. The £200,000 facelift is expected to be completed in mid-1213. The restoration will include a total new roof as the present roof has all but rotted and fallen in. Scaffolding is in place and work has begun.

Turnbull Clan Association fully supports the Fatlips Renovation Project.  We are deeply indebted to Gemma Hon Turnbull Barnard for her continual efforts to make and keep Fatlips in the forefront of Borders heritage. TCA has closed contributions to Fatlips Renovation Project since we are advised it is now fully funded.

To learn more, view video, see photos of Fatlips and follow the restoration go to www.rulewater.co.uk/ and the Friends of Fatlips facebook page.

fatlips roof fatlips roof2 fatlips inside fatlips gemma

Extensive damage to the roof has caused Fatlips to continue to deteriorate over the years. Right Fatlips at night.
Photos contributed by Gemma Hon Turnbull Barnard.

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