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Jack the Ripper: My Part in His Capture

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There have been dozens of books and theories about the identity of Jack the Ripper, but not one like this. They have all been dismissed through lack of credible evidence. James Maybrick was a strong suspect, because of a diary, allegedly written by him, which turned up at the home of a working class Liverpool family in 1950. It was dismissed as a hoax, partly because the Hitler Diaries proved to be a hoax. The detractors also stated that the ink was not manufactured before 1920 (later to be shown as incorrect). Also, the handwriting on Maybrick’s will was different to the handwriting in the diary.

My research shows that Maybrick did not write the will that was presented by his brothers Michael and Edwin Maybrick, the main benefactors.
There was no apparent connection between the households of wealthy businessman Maybrick, living in a luxury mansion in its own grounds, with five servants and a terraced working class home in Liverpool, where the diary emerged.
My task was to show beyond reasonable doubt that the diary had travelled from Maybrick’s luxury home to that of the Graham family. I managed to find not one, but two direct routes.
No other researcher has found this connection, but my expertise in Family Research has been honed over the past 40 years and has been recognised by Her Majesty’s archivist, English Heritage, Sunday Mirror and all the major TV companies.
There cannot now be the slightest doubt that James Maybrick was the author of the Ripper Diary.
My research clearly shows this connection.

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