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The Baron of Bedrule has donated three unique and valuable items from his personal collection as incentives for contributions to the Monument Fund. Because there is no cost to TCA for these items, all contributions will be applied to the Monument Fund.

First prize is a millennium bottle of Turnbull whisky, limited 2009 edition, created for the Turnbull of the Bull unveiling. The whisky was distilled at the turn of the century in 1999 and bottled in 2009. This bottle, bearing the image of the Turning of the Bull monument is priceless not only as a rare collectors’s item but more so because Turnbull whisky is no longer available.

Second prize is a Turnbull Clan Arms flag, which was flown over the Bedrule Castle mound in Bedrule, Scotland, by the Baron of Bedrule. This special flag, which cannot be purchased anywhere, is a valuable collector’s item, which may be flown to proudly display your clan heritage.

Third prize is an antique Turnbull Whisky sign. This metal 18”x12” advertising sign dates from the original Hawick Turnbull whisky. So valued is this as a decorator and collector’s item that replicas of this sign are commonly sold on Amazon and Ebay. This is your chance to own on of the rare originals.

Every $50 contribution to the Monument Fund earns a chance to win one of these prizes. Every $500 contribution provides 12 chances and each $1000 contribution provides 25 chances.


A chance to win one of these prizes:
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Twelve chances to win:
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Twenty five chances to win:
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Other contribution:
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