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TCA DNA Project - Update

A little over a year ago, the Turnbull Clan DNA project was started and we thought this was a good time to give an update to members on the progress and to answer some frequently asked questions about the project and the results.
To date, we have 29 participants including, and open to, the following surnames (Septs): Tremble, Trimbel, Trimble, Trumble, Trumbull, Turnbole and of course Turnbull.

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Turnbull Clan Launches DNA Project

Bullseye Editor’s note: TCA  is  introducing a new project and is very excited about the potential involved.  By participating in a global DNA project, those interested in their heritage and genealogy are able to find possible connections and relatives worldwide.  Robert Turnbull has taken on the task of helping make this happen.  He shares the article below with us to help us understand this new adventure.

By Robert M. Turnbull

image002Linked by marriage and not DNA, Robert and Angela Turnbull celebrate their second wedding anniversary at Loch Lomond on the 2007 AGM Scotland trip..Greetings to my fellow Clan members!  First, let me say what a great time Angela and I had on the Clan Association Scotland trip (thanks for the trip of a lifetime Betty and Wally!).  It was such a thrill meeting all my “brethren” and seeing the “homeland.”

At the annual meeting of the members in Scotland, Wally mentioned the Clan’s interest in starting a Turnbull DNA project for the members interested in genealogy and asked if anyone would be willing to coordinate such a project.  Being a Biology (Zoology, Anatomy and Physiology, Environmental Biology …) Instructor at the University of Southern Mississippi, I saw this as a great opportunity to combine my background in science with my interest in my heritage and volunteered for the job.

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