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  • Bedrule, birthplace of William Turnbull, (Bishop of Glasgow from 1448 to 1454)


    Bedrule Kirk

    "From the pavements, from the windows of houses, and from trams, buses and motor cars, whose, occupants for once cheerfully, acquiesced in a traffic hold-up. Glasgow folk watched a long chain of fire pass on Saturday night from the Cathedral to the heights of Gilmore hill." Thus the writer in the Glasgow Herald of January 8, 1951. described; a seen that had its beginnings over 500 years earlier, in Roxburghshire. For in the tiny hamlet of Bedrule, between Hawick and Jedburgh, was born William Turnbull who became 25th Bishop of Glasgow from 1448 to 1454, and the man responsible for the founding of Glasgow University in 1451. So it was appropriate that when the University was, celebrating its 500th centenary, a thread of fire symbolising the torch of learning should have been carried by a relay of 12  runners over the 100 miles from the Borders to the city.


    Bedrule Kirk

    The following was typed from original sheets compiled by G "Ormie" Wood by Brian Turnbull

  • An excerpt from, The Churches and Churchyards of Teviotdale.
    By James Robson. 1893.

    Bedrule KirkConcerning the old church of Bedrule we know very little. About the earliest notice refers to 1479 when James Newton was parson of Bedrule. It is recorded also, that in 1482, James Rutherford of that ilk obtained a charter of the patronage. Subsequently to the Reformation. it was attached to the barony of "Edgarstoun", and belonged to the Earl of Traquair, who ,had at the same time the lands of Rutherford. The present building occupies an elevated situation on the right bark of the river Rule, two miles above its junction with the Teviot. It was restored in 1876. Only a portion o' the old walls remains, while a vestry and porch were added. The surrounding scenery is exceedingly fine. From the church an excellent view is to be had up the water to Hobkirk, over to Cavers parish, and across the Teviot to Minto. From the vestry window is obtained one of the finest views in the South of Scotland, including the beautifully wooded estate of Wells, which lines the skirts of Ruberslaw, while the dark hill itself towers up far above, and its rugged peak from this point presents the most picturesque appearance.

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