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Turnbull Tartan History

BruceDouglasTurnbullTartansThe year was 1977 and the man was John F. Turnbull of Hawick, Scotland. John founded Turnbull Clan Association to reestablish a link with Turnbulls worldwide and their rich heritage. Working endlessly with his wife Myra as his personal assistant, the two wrote letters and addressed envelopes by hand, mailing to any Turnbull worldwide that they could find. They would sit in their living room and plan Turnbull events with fellow members and write to members. Then Myra would address envelope after envelope. Myra tells how she gave up her golf afternoon to work with John and promote the Clan.

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Turnbull Trails

The history of the Border Clan Turnbul, by Norman Turnbull, Turnbull Clan High Shenachie, as published in the Bullseye, is now available on our site. This facinating history of the Turnbull Clan is a must read for all Turnbulls. New chapters will be added shortly after they are released in the Bullseye.

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