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  • Fatlips Restoration Completed!


    Fatlips 1857  fatlips before  Fatlips scaffold  Fatlips032513 8 1

    Fatlips Castle as it stood in 1857; 2004 with roof deteriorating and parapet badly damaged; 2012 during restorations, roof
    first to be repaired; 2013 restorations complete. Note the similarties of the 1857 and today's 2013.

    Fatlips Castle, a 16th century pele tower of rectangular stone was founded by the Turnbulls of Barnhill. It is located at the top of Minto Crags in Roxburghshire, Scotland.

  • Fatlips to be Restored 2011


    fatlips WallyFatlips Castle, once a Turnbull Stronghold, sits atop Minto Crags in the Borders. The Castle has found support through Historic Scotland to undergo restoration. This is great news for the Scottish Borders and to the Turnbull Clan, as Fatlips was once a Turnbull Stronghold.

    Visit the Fatlips web site.

  • Fatlips Castle Offically Closed 2009


    fatlips 2009rFatlips Castle has this week had a Sealed Door installed in the entrance.  Please do not attempt to enter the castle.  The Roof has been inspected by a Structural Engineer and it has been deemed too unsafe for entry to the tower.

    You can see images of inside the Tower using the Gallery on this site, and there is a Video on Youtube of a tour of the Crags. People are still welcome by the land owner to visit the tower and enjoy the wonderful views and architecture from the outside. This is for your safety - the roof is coming down, its a matter of when, and no one should be inside it when that happens - imagine the consequences!                                           

    Friday 20th March 2009

    The Burning Beacon  www.rulewater.com

    Save Fatlips!!! FatlipsFacebook

  • Behind proud Fatlips Castle’s walls lies a scene of neglect and decay 2008


    NOTE: The following article was originally scanned from a newspaper in Scotland called “The Southern Reporter”, it has been reproduced with their permission.



    Behind proud Fatlips Castle’s walls lies a scene of neglect and decay, and the architectural watchdogs are worried.

    By Mark Entwistle

    Fatlips Castle dominates the skyline from its vantage point on Minto Craigs, near Denholm, and its battered walls are again the focus of attention from those worried fort its future.

    For years there has been calls for the crumbling property, on the Minto estates, to be restored to its former glory.

    Now comes news from David Black, chairman of the Borders branch of the Architectural Heritage Society of Scotland, that the organization is concerned about the state of the buildings, and has even had informal discussions with the National Trust about the issue.

  • Support the Restoration of Fatlips Castle 2008


    Overs 40 TCA supporters of Fatlips gathered on June 14, 2007. If you look carefully you can see TCA's new flag proudly displayed near the top of the castle.

    Fatlips Castle is a 16th century stone rectangular tower house, of three storeys and a garret, founded by the Turnbulls of Barnhill. The entrance leads to a vaulted basement, with a spiral stair in one corner, which gives access to all the floors. At the garret, a round caphouse leads to an impressive corbelled parapet, which is rounded on the angles. In the 19th century, the tower was restored and renovated to be used as a shooting box and a private museum but sadly it is now once again ruinous.

    Other Fatlips Links;

      We are deeply indebted to Gemma Hon Turnbull Barnard for her continual efforts to make and keep Fatlips in the forefront of Borders heritage. 

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