Turnbull Clan Association

John Charles Turnbull, born June 10, 1874 Woodsland, Duddington, Scotland. He was the son of John Turnbull and Margaret Jane Mills.

When he was old enough he did many odd jobs as coachmen, gardener, laborer, rubber worker and finally went into His Majesty’s service. He served in the Boer War and later served in World War 1. He held many different ranks due to fighting, drinking and disorderly conduct. The highest rank held was Sgt/Major in the 1st Cameron Highlanders. Like many others in this era, he was a heavy drinker and missed out on the joys of having a family. He married Anna Matthews Christie, and they had 3 children. He was gone from the family unit by the time last son James was born.Two of the children went to the United States first Margaret the only daughter, followed several years later by James and his mother Anne. The oldest son Stewart went into Her Majesty’s service and served in India. Jack never met any of his grandchildren he probably never even knew he had any. He died in 1929 of stomach cancer at the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland. His cousin Mary remembered him as mischievous, with bright blue eyes that would twinkle when he thought of something naughty, or someone to tease. She also remembered his flaming red hair that always fell into his eyes. None of the family members inherited his red hair.

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