Turnbull Clan Association

Turning of the Bull Monument

Turnbulls proudly preserve their ancestral heritage

Unveiling Of The Monument 021FORMER Provost Myra Turnbull admitted Saturday's clan gathering celebrations were "a dream come true".

An estimated 600 Turnbulls from all over the world converged on the town for the historic event, which was organised as part of the Homecoming 2009 programme. And it came 32 years after the Clan Association was first formed by Mrs Turnbull and her late husband John.

She told the Hawick News: "It's going back 32 years when my husband and I started off the Association and it was his dream and vision to have a gathering. Saturday was the icing on the cake."

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Monumental Evolution


placementArtist Angela Hunter reports that a facility has been obtained to house the larger than life monument as the Turning of the Bull Monument begins to take form. Larger than anything Angela has done before, her normal workspace was not big enough for the creation of the monument. Angela spent several weeks looking for just the right place to begin work. Not only does Angela need floor space for such a piece, she needs head room, as she will be required to “hang” from various angles in order to create the entire statue. The statue will be approximately 6’ x 8’ when completed.

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Turnbull Monument Finds a Home

herritage -centerThe  Turnbull Turning of the Bull Monument has found a home in the newly constructed and prestigious Hawick Heritage Hub!  The Hawick Heritage Hub is part of a massive and ongoing Heart of Hawick project.

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