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Visiting Scotland's Borders

Here are some places you’ll want to see while in the Borders.
  • The Turning of the Bull Monument - Hawick at the Heritage Centre (send us pictures of you there!)
  • Turnbulls Deli in Hawick - a great little deli and coffee shop at the base of High Street near the Horse Monument. 
  • Bedrule Kirk - Bedrule (off of the road B6358 from Denholm) Rich in Turnbull heritage. Be sure to go inside.
  • The Bedrule/Turnbull Cairn, located in the church yard of Bedrule Kirk.
  • Minto and Fatlips Castle. You can get a key from Oliver’s Garage in Denholm so you can go inside. If you are in Denholm there is a great little Pub there called the Cross Keys Inn. Also in the green in Denholm is a monument to John Leyden who wrote a famous poem about the man who turned the bull, the first Turnbull. There is a bit of a climb to Fatlips but well worth it and it is pretty significant in Turnbull history

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Our Trip To Scotland


11550014First of all, just some information about the trip and the camera I used. The trip took place from September 2 through September 23, 2004, during a period of three weeks.

The camera that I used was a Nikon F1 with automatic focus lens, using a 24-120 Zoom lens and a 100-300 zoom lens. Most of the pictures were taken with the 24-120 lens. For those with less than perfect eyesight I highly recommend the auto focus lenses. The film was Fuji Superia X-Tra 400.

The first two weeks of the trip were on a tour which was booked through American Express and its agent in Scotland, Globus Travel.  Booking through American Express was somewhat more expensive, but there was a piece of mind to both of us that the quality would be assured, and indeed except for one dinner in Inverness, it was a good tour.  We were also quite lucky to have a travel agent who was born in the Lowlands of Scotland, and therefore knew about the Lowlands in detail and where to go and stay during our third week which was on our own.

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