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John Rodney Turnbull 1880 Memoirs

My father John Colclough Turnbull was born in 1852 down near Rice Lake, 20 miles South of Peterboro in Ontario, Canada. They were a large family – William, John my father, Albert Leonard, Carrie, Myra, Annie and all were tall, hardworking Christians. I visited the old home near Bewdley at South end of Rice Lake

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There have been many tales and two books written about John Turnbull, who sailed to Australia, with his family in 1801 on the Coromandel.

I was fortunate to come into contact with both authors; "Upon a State Unknown." by Fay Attewell and "In the Footsteps of John Turnbull by Marie Turnbull. I believed that the truth lay somewhere in between the two stories and this was greatly enhanced when Fiona Turnbull, a Clan member, contacted me with the contents of her family bible.

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The Mexican Connection A Love Story Across Cultures


adrianaThe following is summarized and extracted from a handwritten memorandum in a hand-drawn genealogical tree of the Mexican branch of the Turnbull family: “From 1720 to 1920:” Andrew Turnbull, M.D. was founder of the American branch of the family. He studied medicine in Paris where he met the lady who became his wife, Gracia Dura Bin, a Greek by birth.

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