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2013 Highland Games in Review

New Tent Hosts Represent Southwest Games

By Louise Turnbull

It has been just a year since Bill and Claudia Trimble talked Marty and I into being tent hosts for TCA in Arizona. We are ever so thankful that they sought us out, because this has been a truly remarkable experience for us.

Louise-1-2We started out with absolutely nothing except some camping equipment, some sage advice from the Trimbles and many back copies of the Bullseye full of information we could pass on to others. It proved to be a little costly by the time we purchased a larger tent, an association banner, and a few pieces of tartan to accent our clothing. I made a banner to use in opening ceremonies and another for our tent showing Marty's genealogy going back to David Turnbull born 1760 in Torryburn, Fife, Scotland. As the year went by we pieced together books and maps and other informative information.

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2012 Highland Games in Review

Tartan Day Parade - New York City

TCA member and former president, John G. Turnbull sends these photos of this year’s Tartan Day Parade, New York City. John is currently working on a book (over 400 pages) of The Turnbulls of Maryland.

parade2 mary queen of scots 
 The West Point Band  Mary, Queen of Scots (John says, obviously pre-beheading.)
westpoint   scocha
 The West Point Band prepares to march. John points out that the band’s tartan is pleated to pattern not stripe, unusual for a military tartan.  TCA’s favorite band Scocha, who traveled from Scotland to be part of the parade and festivities. (Note that thier latest CD, Scattyboo, contains the song “I Saved The King.”)

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2011 Highland Games in Review

Loch Norman Games

clan turnbull tent loch normanTop, Scott and Diana Turnbull of Pickens, SC have been on the move! This season of hosting TCA tents had a whirlwind beginning, literally. The first day of the Loch Norman games were washed out with sideways rain and surrounding tornadoes. But that didn’t dampened Scott and Diana’s enthusiasm. They made sure to set up for Sunday and had a great day of greeting and meeting people.





Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

tent gfmhgSir JamesTurnbull singingLeft, Scott and Diana in the Turnbull Tent at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, NC. Far right, Scott poses with Sir James a large sheep doll complete with helmet and sword. Scott never sets up a tent without Sir James, named in memory of his great friend and former co-tent host, James Trimble. Scott and Diana aren’t finished with this year’s road show. They are hosting a tent at the Charleston, SC games Sept. 17. This will be the first time Turnbulls are represented at the SC games. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Right, Scott found a Turnbull performing with Revenge of the Chanty Wrasslers. Their songs include the forgotten clans, a ballad that tells the story of William Rule and Robert the Bruce.

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2011 - 47th Annual Phoenix Games

4Bill and Claudia Trimble with Pat and Bill Trimble and Wally.Claudia and I once again represented Clan Turnbull at the 47th annual Scottish Highland Games in Phoenix, AZ. Before I report on the actual event, I would like to share something that happened during the games.
Many people came by to inquire about the Turnbull Clan. Most had not heard of our Family. Some of the Clans represented at the games were done so by members from other states. Those from California remarked how nice it would be to see a Turnbull Clan representative at the Games in their area.
So I would like to put out there, first, that if there are any Turnbulls in California who would like to represent our Clan, please contact me and I can help you get started. Secondly, the same goes for other states or provinces, as well. As someone who attends many games, hosts TCA tents, and is an officer of TCA, I am in touch with what it takes to get going from all sides. TCA is committed to helping expand our tent hosts and a Turnbull presence in other areas.
WallyWally represents TCAWe often meet Turnbulls at the games who had no idea there was an organization that represents them and can help them get in touch with their heritage. In spite of the inclement weather of this year’s games, it is always fun to be outside and meet others who are excited about their Scottish heritage. It is especially fun to meet other Turnbulls (and its many septs) and introduce them to their rich history. So I would like to encourage you to be sure to attend the Games in your area. You might just find a relative. And, if you are interested in representing your Turnbull Clan, let us help you get started.

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2009 International Clan Gathering Bowhill estates near Selkirk, Scotland



Duke of Buccleuch Musters Border Clans

Muster3Carrying the Turnbull standard, Norman Turnbull led the Turnbull delegation in the parade.This September, the 10th Duke of Buccleuch, Richard Scott, hosted an international clan gathering on the grounds of the magnificent Bowhill estates near Selkirk, Scotland.
The event was attended by Turnbull Clan committee members Eliott Turnbull, Colin Turnbull and Norman Turnbull. We took our place in the genealogy tent alongside several other famous Border family names, among them Scott, Kerr, and Irvine.

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2001 Highland Games


James Trumble showing the pride of the Turnbull with a newly designed frame containing the names associated and the tartans of Clan Turnbull and two plaques made by Nelson Trimble for James depicting the Turnbull coat of arms and the rampant lion. Grandfather Mountain


James held hostage in Kentucky!

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2002 Tri-Cities Scottish Hghland Games


On May 3rd and 4th, 2002 the first ever Tri-Cities Scottish Highland Games were held at the Trade, Recreation and Agricultural Center (TRAC) in Pasco, Washington. The event kicked off Friday evening with a Celidh featuring Irish and Scottish dancing, musical performances, and audience participation folk dancing. The local NBC affiliate was there, and film of the events appeared on the eleven o’clock news that night. By some twist of fate, the only clan tent they featured was the Turnbull Clan tent hosted by my brother Kim and myself, hence the title of this article.

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2003 Tri-Cities Highland Gathering

Welcome to a Gathering of Scots

image002Mason Benjamin Epperly

My name is Mason and, with grandpa’s help, I wish to take you to the Tri-Cities Gathering of Scots which was held along the banks of the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington on May 9th and 10th, 2003. But first, I should give you a little background of yours truly. I was born on March 24th, 2003 to Stacy and Jim Epperly and currently reside with them in Kennewick, Washington. My grandparents are Pat and Bill Trimble of West Richland, Washington and Larry and Sandy Epperly of Mesa, Arizona.

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2003 - 57th Annual Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering

The Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering was held at the King County Fairgrounds in Enumclaw, Washington on July 25th through 27th, 2003. 85 Clans were represented, 25 Pipe and Drum Bands (with over 1000 musicians), various vendors, entertainers, dancers and athletes.

The Games opened Friday night with Rising of the Clans and a Flaming Saltire with a representative of each clan holding a torch. The representatives then formed the Cross of St. Andrew upon the command of the Chieftain of the Games, the torches were lit and a Flaming Saltire was created. At the end of the ceremony, the representatives announced their clan as they marched off the field.

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2003 Saline Celtic Festival

July 12, 2003, Mill Pond Park, Michigan

Turnbull Clan Table Hosted by Doris Rule Bable

Salinearticle aaWith an estimated attendance that exceeded 10,000, this year’s Saline Celtic Festival was a record breaker, according to Pat Littie, chairman of the Celtic Festival Committee. “This was our best year yet,” he said. “The weather was a major factor, it was beautiful.” The festival featured music from Scottish pipers and the Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic; mock Celtic battles; a Wee Folks Parade along with a variety of activities for children; and more than 20 merchant booths offering Celtic-themed products and food. “The most important part,” said Littie, “is that the crowds had a great time. It’s a festival for all ages. People came away with a great feeling, and that’s what it’s all about.”

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2003 Longs Peak Scottish/Irish Highland Festival


Well, after seven years, Pat and I finally had a real Vacation! On August 31st, we flew to Denver, Colorado and spent four days visiting her cousin (Robert Doriss) and doing some sightseeing. Things we did included: attending the Bite of Colorado celebration in downtown Denver; visiting the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs; touring the Coors Brewery in Golden, CO, and driving to the top of Lookout Peak to visit the grave of William Fredrick Cody (better known as Buffalo Bill). We planned to drive to the top of Pike’s Peak, but were turned back at the entrance because a nasty thunderstorm was moving in, making driving very hazardous.

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2003 Ocala Scottish Festival

The Ocala Festival has a new Turnbull tent and tent host. It went over very well and the local Turnbulls and Trimbles were pleased. Robert Scott Turnbull (Rob) has wanted to do a tent for several years but funds being limited his dream was put on hold.

bob turnbullFrom the left to right, Rob in the Kilt, his son Bobby and daughter Vanessa. Then it is William and his wife Claudia, then John and his wife Barbara.

This year (November 8 & 9 ) he received assistance from a TCA member, who acted as his patron, provided the money for his tent space fee. With the help of John W. Turnbull, the tent went up and everyone had a wonderful time, the weather was beautiful. a typical warm sunny Florida day.

  If anyone is interested in helping our regional tent hosts, who bear their own expenses in setting up these Turnbull Tents, please contact Wally Turnbull at 919-824-6111

2003 - 28th New Hampshire Highland Games

We set out on a rainy overcast day from Montreal hoping the skies would be clear by the time we reached the Hopkinton State Fairgrounds in New Hampshire. Indeed they were clear and the day was warm. Our welcome to the area was a grim-faced state trouper holding us parked at an intersection off Exit 7 while he let at least 150 cars, approaching from the south, proceed ahead of us. Finally we arrived at the Fair Grounds and as expected all the parking near the main entrance was full. Then our luck changed, an individual running a private lot indicated they had room for one more car. Parked at last, we were within 60 feet of the main entrance, great because my knees are in need of repair and walking can be difficult over rough ground.

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2003 Stone Mountain Highland Games

Clan Turnbull International at Stone Mountain Highland Games

Clan Turnbull International made their annual visit to the Stone Mountain Highland Games. The weather was great and we had the best of times. We got to see so many people that we have as friends, members, or just general acquaintances, it was a ball of fun. Wally and Betty Turnbull from TCA came to visit with us and we had a lovely time seeing them again. Terry Trimble from Nashville TN. came with his twin sons Michael and Aaron. Which is which??? I don’t know but they are both very nice young men and it was a joy to see them again. Also as a side note, we had an official from the games tell us that we were in a tight running for best clan tent, although we didn’t win first, second isn't bad for a games so large.

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