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Bob Turnbull with daughter, Vanessa, hosting the Turnbull tent at the Orlando, Florida games.

Bob Turnbull of Ocala, FL reports on the Orlando Highland Games, where he and his daughter, Vanessa hosted a Turnbull Tent. The weather this year was very beautiful, unlike the games of last year. Lots of wonderful sunshine and 80 degrees made for a great time. I want to present some of the people that are of the Turnbull family who passed by the tent. I mentioned the Orlando games to a gal I met at a convention in December who saw my name tag and indicated that her mother was a Turnbull. I told her she should come. She, her husband and son, along with her uncle on her mom's side drove up from Melbourne, Florida to enjoy a great day at the games. Her name is Elizabeth Cook. Her husband is David Cook and their son is Maxwell Cook. Her uncle is Robert W. Turnbull (another Bob!) from Clearwater, Florida. Bob was familiar with TCA as he indicated that he has been a member.


Orlando Games
Bob has enjoyed getting some of the new banners and supplies made available to TCA tent hosts.

Later in the afternoon while venturing about I was approached by a lady who saw my shirt with the Turnbull crest and said she was married to a Turnbull and introduced me to her husband David Turnbull. Her name is Wendi. They live in Sorrento, Florida. They were not too familiar with the history of the name so I said come on by the clan tent; sign the guest book and get some information.

There were many spectators and visitors to the games and tent. All in all is was a great day meeting new people and enjoying our Scottish heritage.

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