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July 29-31, 2005 in Enumclaw, Washington

Hello, my name is Dylan Drettwan. Sleeping to my right is my twin brother Kasey. We are 10 months old and the sons of Rich and Robyn Drettwan and grandsons of Pat and Bill Trimble. Two years ago, our cousin, Mason Epperly, introduced you to the 2003 Tri-Cities Scottish Highland Games. Now it’s our turn to introduce you to the 2005 Pacific Northwest Highland Games, which were held July 29-31, 2005 in Enumclaw, Washington.

This year was special, not only because was it our first look at Scottish history and the games, but this year Grandma and Grandpa Trimble hosted the Turnbull Clan Annual General Meeting. Our special guests were Wally and Betty Turnbull from Durham, North Carolina; and Dale, Mary Kay and Katie Hilding from Pendleton, Oregon.


Betty and Wally Turnbull

Katie, Dale and Mary Kay Hilding

The weather was hot and sunny, but we had a good time. We slept, ate, met lots of people, and marched in the Parade of Clans. We saw sheep, cattle, dogs; and men in kilts throwing things. We listened to the pipers playing and watched dancers dancing.



Pipers piping (22 Pipe Bands from across the country and Canada

Scottish dancers dancing


Dale Hilding, Mary Kay Hilding, Wally Turnbull, Bill Trimble, Lynn Lentz Emma Lentz, Kim Trimble, Betty Turnbull, Katie Hilding

It was fun watching Dale and Katie Hilding dressing in their 15th century armor (Dales chain mail and halberk weighed 110 lbs.) and more fun watching them get out of it after marching.



Katie, Dale & Mary Kay Hilding

Katie & Dale Hilding

There were lots of vendors where you could buy clothing, swords, drawings/paintings and souvenirs. You could also choose from a variety of foods and drinks, from the traditional Scottish foods like bangers, Haggis & meat pies to Turkey legs and hamburgers. Drinks from, soft drinks, beer, tea and coffee (even lattes).



beef roasting over an open fire

ice cream, anyone?



beer garden

Wally with turkey leg

The proudest moment came at the dinner following the meeting on Saturday when grandpa Bill was awarded the Clan Member of the year 2005. Grandpa and Grandma also presented a commerative mug to Wally and Betty.



Grandpa Bill & Wally

Betty & Wally

Well, its nap time so I will finish this up and say goodbye and look forward to next year.




Wally napping

Dale napping

Angus napping

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