Turnbull Clan Association

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John Vitsur, Vanessa Turnbull, Bob Turnbull at the January 2005 Orlando Highland Games

Bob Turnbull hosted the Clan Turnbull tent at the Orlando, Florida games this year. Bob an active member of TCA is the son of Robert F. Turnbull, one of the founding fathers of the organization. Bob lives in Florida and has a son, Robert Scott II and daughter, Vanessa (seen in the above photo). Bob was born and raised in Norfolk, Va. He attended the University of Maryland. He is an engineer working as a Manager of Technical Operations with Lockheed Martin. He began working for LM in Baltimore and later transferred to Florida where he continued working for the company for 10 years.

In 2003, Bob volunteered to be a Florida representative for TCA. This includes setting up Turnbull Clan tents at local games. He has done this at the Ocala and Orlando games.

Bob reports that this year at the Orlando games, it was easy to imagine being in Scotland and not Florida. It was quite cool and a little rainy, not the typical weather they usually have for the games. He is always happy when given a chance to meet other Turnbull clansmen. He reported that as he entered the gate, the lady who took his ticket smiled and said that she was a descendent of the Rules. Several Turnbulls passed by the tent and were happy to see that the Turnbull Clan was so nicely represented.

Check out the games near you. And if you would like to volunteer to set up a Turnbull Clan tent, please let us know. And thanks, Bob, for doing such a great job!

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