Turnbull Clan Association

This year the Turnbull Clan was the Honored Clan at the NH Highland Games, the official program featured the following statement about the Turnbulls.


The Turnbull group marching to the gathering of the clans ceremony.

Reviewing party including Wally Turnbull, TCA President


The extended Turnbull Family

Mark and Wally receiving the Honored Clan Plaque from Ken McCormack

Attracting the crowds are the Bill Trimbles!

The Annual General Meeting of the Turnbull Clan Association was held at the Highlander Inn on the Saturday Evening of the Games.

Wally Turnbull addressing the assembled Turnbull's. Both Wally and Brian Turnbull held up signs indicating they missed both Janet and John their fellow directors. Following the AGM there was a dinner with entertainment being provided by Bill Trimble of Arizona with the bagpipes and Brittany Jennings and Heather Matthews who performed some Scottish Highland Dancing.

Clan Member of the Year Mark Turnbull

At the end of the dinner, President Wally Turnbull presented the 2004 TCA Clan Member of the Year award. A marble plaque was given to Mark Turnbull in recognition of his outstanding service to TCA and its members. Mark who is a TCA Trustee is famous for his outstanding Turnbull tents at the Highland games. This year Clan Turnbull was the “honored clan” at the New Hampshire Highland games which was a great honor to Turnbulls and recognition of Mark’s exceptional contribution to the games. Mark is also one of the premier TCA membership recruiters.

Miscellaneous Pictures From the Games (Click to view).

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