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We set out on a rainy overcast day from Montreal hoping the skies would be clear by the time we reached the Hopkinton State Fairgrounds in New Hampshire. Indeed they were clear and the day was warm. Our welcome to the area was a grim-faced state trouper holding us parked at an intersection off Exit 7 while he let at least 150 cars, approaching from the south, proceed ahead of us. Finally we arrived at the Fair Grounds and as expected all the parking near the main entrance was full. Then our luck changed, an individual running a private lot indicated they had room for one more car. Parked at last, we were within 60 feet of the main entrance, great because my knees are in need of repair and walking can be difficult over rough ground.

Now to locate the Clan Tent and introduce ourselves to the Turnbulls gathered there. Luck continued to prevail and we quickly located the Clan Tent area and soon were speaking with Mark Turnbull and Lee Turnbull, the hosts.

new hampshire 1 new hampshire 2

Mark Turnbull, Karen Torrey, Lee Turnbull

Mark, Lee, and Brian Turnbull

I was amazed by the traffic at the tent from youngsters getting their passports stamped to Turnbull Clan members stopping by to renew their memberships or new members inquiring about all things Turnbull. The tent was a wealth of information and the hosts never ceased to amaze with their knowledge and desire to inform.

Our visit was to be brief since we were staying in Salem, NH some miles away and were off first thing in the morning for the Washington area to visit my son in his brand new home in Fairfax, VA. I needed to get organized in preparation for the first ever TCA Officers meeting being hosted by Wally Turnbull in Washington on Tuesday.

Our departure kept getting delayed as Mark insisted on giving me banners, belt buckles, coffee cups etc. to bring to the Washington meeting. Then loaded down with all these treasurers I looked for my wife, Gail who was nowhere to be found, since she was off collecting mementos of her family name, McCallum. Happily we departed before the crowds for the next phase of our Turnbull adventures.

More Game Photo's Provided by Lee Turnbull

dcp 0744 dcp 0745
Mitchell & Heather Matthews, Vanessa MacDonald, (Heather's Mother) & Becky Matthews.
Lee's cousins from Nova Scotia. Becky danced in the Highland Dance Competition.
dcp 0746 dcp 0747
Mark, Lee & Brian Mark with Ken Grant, one of the NH Reenactors Group. 1800's Period.
Lee, wife Josie, Carolyn & Gordon Turnbull, Lee's cousins from Illinois. (First time at the Games for them.)
dcp 0749 dcp 0751
Brittany Jennings, Lee's Grand Daughter. She won (2) second place medals. One for the "Sword Dance" and one for
the "Sean Triubhas" (Pronounced "shawn trues"). She competed in the Pre-Premiere Novice Division.
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