Turnbull Clan Association

The Ocala Festival has a new Turnbull tent and tent host. It went over very well and the local Turnbulls and Trimbles were pleased. Robert Scott Turnbull (Rob) has wanted to do a tent for several years but funds being limited his dream was put on hold.

bob turnbullFrom the left to right, Rob in the Kilt, his son Bobby and daughter Vanessa. Then it is William and his wife Claudia, then John and his wife Barbara.

This year (November 8 & 9 ) he received assistance from a TCA member, who acted as his patron, provided the money for his tent space fee. With the help of John W. Turnbull, the tent went up and everyone had a wonderful time, the weather was beautiful. a typical warm sunny Florida day.

  If anyone is interested in helping our regional tent hosts, who bear their own expenses in setting up these Turnbull Tents, please contact Wally Turnbull at 919-824-6111

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