Turnbull Clan Association

July 12, 2003, Mill Pond Park, Michigan

Turnbull Clan Table Hosted by Doris Rule Bable

Salinearticle aaWith an estimated attendance that exceeded 10,000, this year’s Saline Celtic Festival was a record breaker, according to Pat Littie, chairman of the Celtic Festival Committee. “This was our best year yet,” he said. “The weather was a major factor, it was beautiful.” The festival featured music from Scottish pipers and the Saline Fiddlers Philharmonic; mock Celtic battles; a Wee Folks Parade along with a variety of activities for children; and more than 20 merchant booths offering Celtic-themed products and food. “The most important part,” said Littie, “is that the crowds had a great time. It’s a festival for all ages. People came away with a great feeling, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Celticfestival aa   Celticfestival bb
Parade of the Pipers   Bob Bable, Doris Rule Bable & granddaughters Kristen & Katrina
Saline,michigan aa   Saline,michigan bb
Athletic Games   Children's Play Castle area
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Turnbull Display Area   Turnbull display papers held down by bean bags because of fierce winds
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