Turnbull Clan Association

September 5 - 8, 2002

The Turnbull Clan was very proud to be chosen the Honored Clan at Long's Peak Scottish - Irish Festival, Estes Park, Colorado.


1. John G. Turnbull left and Bill Trimble from Washington state on the rt. 2.Fiona Turnbull and a member of the Royal Scot's Guard, and Helen Turnbull, Fiona's sister.
DSC00019 DSC00022
3. Carriage the Honored Clan (Turnbull) got to ride in. 4. Fiona Turnbull on the stairs followed by John G. Turnbull
DSC00024 DSC00028
5. 1st Battalion of the Scot Guards. 6.Possibly S.A.M.S.?
DSC00032 DSC00056
7. Group wearing replicas of uniforms worn by soldiers from the American Revolutionary War to modern times. 8. left to rt. Doug Turnbull VP, Fiona, Bill Trimble, John G. Turnbull, Chris, Ronald Turnbull from Kansas.


9.Chris, Fiona, John G., Doug, Pat Trimble, Bill's wife, and Ronald Turnbull 10.Fiona and the drodrum, Chris, Doug Turnbull


11. Fiona and the drum, think some one said it was hand made. 12. Fiona and son Chris


13. Chris and President John G. Turnbull 14.Jousting exhibition put on by the Seattle Knights.
DSC00096 DSC00103
15.Jousting exhibition put on by the Seattle Knights. 16.Try www.turnbullclan.com it works! That's John on phone working on a replacement banner.
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