Turnbull Clan Association

tentThe Turnbull Clan was well represented at the games. The clan tent was hosted by William (Wild Bill) Turnbull and his wife Wendy.

August 31 - September 1, 2002



john billTurnbull Clan President John G. Turnbull tuning Wild Bills pipes.wild bill


dana elenaDana Hume Turnbull Hoyer & daughter ElenawendyWendy Turnbulljanis ned-danaJanis & Ned Dairiki and Dana Hume Turnbull Hoyer

JanetCLAN PERSON OF THE YEAR AWARD being presented to Janet T. Schwierking by Clan President John G. Turnbull and Dana Turnbull Hoyer 

clansPresentation of the Clans, that's us Turnbull's!

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