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Duke of Buccleuch Musters Border Clans

Muster3Carrying the Turnbull standard, Norman Turnbull led the Turnbull delegation in the parade.This September, the 10th Duke of Buccleuch, Richard Scott, hosted an international clan gathering on the grounds of the magnificent Bowhill estates near Selkirk, Scotland.
The event was attended by Turnbull Clan committee members Eliott Turnbull, Colin Turnbull and Norman Turnbull. We took our place in the genealogy tent alongside several other famous Border family names, among them Scott, Kerr, and Irvine.

The event was held in beautiful autumn sunshine and various activities were held during the course of the day; one in particular was the replaying of the “Carterhaugh Ba” which was played by around 100 local school children. This was a re-enactment of a ball game played well over a hundred years ago that was a forerunner to what is now rugby union, a game for which the Borders is world renowned for producing international players. Muster2A fly over at the Duke of Buccleuch sponsored Clan Muster provided a perfect St. Andrew’s Cross. The Saltire not only depicts the Scottish Flag but it has been used this year to promote “Homecoming Scotland.”Such was the sunshine that a perfect Saltire was produced by a fly over in mid afternoon.
The afternoon closed with a parade of all who had taken part and the Turnbull standard was borne by TCA Scotland stalwart Norman Turnbull accompanied by fellow TCA members Colin and Kerry Turnbull.
Muster1Above, Joan and Paul Turnbull from Leicestershire, England pose in front of the Turnbull display with hosts Norman Turnbull and Eliott Turnbull.We had several visitors to the stand including Paul and Joan Turnbull from Leicestershire, England who travelled up for the event.



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