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4Bill and Claudia Trimble with Pat and Bill Trimble and Wally.Claudia and I once again represented Clan Turnbull at the 47th annual Scottish Highland Games in Phoenix, AZ. Before I report on the actual event, I would like to share something that happened during the games.
Many people came by to inquire about the Turnbull Clan. Most had not heard of our Family. Some of the Clans represented at the games were done so by members from other states. Those from California remarked how nice it would be to see a Turnbull Clan representative at the Games in their area.
So I would like to put out there, first, that if there are any Turnbulls in California who would like to represent our Clan, please contact me and I can help you get started. Secondly, the same goes for other states or provinces, as well. As someone who attends many games, hosts TCA tents, and is an officer of TCA, I am in touch with what it takes to get going from all sides. TCA is committed to helping expand our tent hosts and a Turnbull presence in other areas.
WallyWally represents TCAWe often meet Turnbulls at the games who had no idea there was an organization that represents them and can help them get in touch with their heritage. In spite of the inclement weather of this year’s games, it is always fun to be outside and meet others who are excited about their Scottish heritage. It is especially fun to meet other Turnbulls (and its many septs) and introduce them to their rich history. So I would like to encourage you to be sure to attend the Games in your area. You might just find a relative. And, if you are interested in representing your Turnbull Clan, let us help you get started.

1Bill Trimble (WA), Jennifer and Joshua Pace, Bill Trimble (AZ)The 47th annual Scottish Highland Games in Phoenix, AZ were held February 26th and 27th. Hosts Bill and Claudia Trimble, and Wally, of Arizona were joined by Bill and Pat Trimble of Washington State. Saturday saw many attendees having fun with all the activities and catching up and learning about their ancestry.
We connected with a few Turnbull family members, some of whom had not been active in the Clan for some time, but seemed energized to become active again. Wendy Gallant, daughter of Sue Gallant of New Hampshire, was excited to meet up with fellow clan members who knew her mother. Sue has been active in helping Mark Turnbull set up the Loon Mountain Games in NH. New member, Joshua Pace, son of Poly Trimble Pace, added some flavor to our otherwise bland Sunday. Joshua is a chef at the Upper Deck Restaurant in Scottsdale.
The weather tried to put a damper on the festivities Sunday, but we had fun anyway. An all night rain left much of the park awash in mud. Attendance was much lower, too, as a result of the wet grounds and “cool” weather.
All in all, it was another fun filled event. Don’t forget, I’m happy to help you get started as a tent host! Contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Above left: The Bill Trimbles with Robert Bruce Wallace. Above right: Wendy Gallant with Bill Trimble and Wally.




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