Turnbull Clan Association

Loch Norman Games

clan turnbull tent loch normanTop, Scott and Diana Turnbull of Pickens, SC have been on the move! This season of hosting TCA tents had a whirlwind beginning, literally. The first day of the Loch Norman games were washed out with sideways rain and surrounding tornadoes. But that didn’t dampened Scott and Diana’s enthusiasm. They made sure to set up for Sunday and had a great day of greeting and meeting people.





Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

tent gfmhgSir JamesTurnbull singingLeft, Scott and Diana in the Turnbull Tent at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, NC. Far right, Scott poses with Sir James a large sheep doll complete with helmet and sword. Scott never sets up a tent without Sir James, named in memory of his great friend and former co-tent host, James Trimble. Scott and Diana aren’t finished with this year’s road show. They are hosting a tent at the Charleston, SC games Sept. 17. This will be the first time Turnbulls are represented at the SC games. Be sure to stop by and say hi!

Right, Scott found a Turnbull performing with Revenge of the Chanty Wrasslers. Their songs include the forgotten clans, a ballad that tells the story of William Rule and Robert the Bruce.

 betty booksAuthor of the Papa and Billy series of children’s books, Betty Turnbull, was invited to be an Author on the Field at this year’s Grandfather Mountain games. She introduced the newest book in the series, Isobel’s New World. This is a story of a Scottish family who immigrate to North Carolina from their Highland home in the mid 1700s when the NC Scottish governor offered land grants to Scots to come and settle. The other books in the series include The Man Who Saved The King and Abigail And The Royal Thread. It was a successful and fun weekend. (The books are available at totallyturnbull.com.)



New Hampshire Highland Games

By Mark Turnbull

Used NH2Tent Host Mark Turnbull welcomes new member Ruth Woodbury.Used HNI0007 6Karen Torrey adds valuable help to hosting the TCA tent.The weather was perfect, sunny and bright, brisk mountain air, breezy enough to keep our flags flying. This year, there was a special tribute to the events of September 11th, 2011, and during the opening ceremonies, the first wave of massed bands was comprised of police and fire department bands from the New England area and Canada, led by a combined honor guard from the N.H. State Police, Concord Fire Dept., and the Concord Police Dept. Our first AGM at Loon Mtn. was that weekend.
The premier guest band was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pipes, Drums, and Dancers, with the Duty Band being the New Hampshire Pipes and Drums, who have two competition bands as part of their group. This year, we hosted the 2011 International Heavyweight Athletic Championships, and celebrated the 20th year of our sheepdog competitions. There were 30 Pipe & Drum Bands in Grade 1 thru Grade 4 competition. We are proud to welcome our two newest members, Ruth Woodbury, of Portland, Me., and Jane Bright, of Manchester, N.H. Several members also took this opportunity to renew their membership. A special Thank You to Karen Torrey, whose abilities as a tent hostess are unmatched!

Pacific Northwest Games

2011 Pacific Northwest Well Represented! Dale and Mary Kay Hilding and Bill and Pat Trimble have had a busy summer, helping to host four Turnbull tents in the Pacific Northwest this summer. A big thank you from TCA! The Pacific Northwest Games included: Prosser, WA June 17-18, Athena, OR July 8-9, Enumclaw, WA July 29-30, La Grande, OR August 26-27.

Used TCA Tent Prosser Games Used Bill Trimble  Dale  MaryKay Hilding  Prosser Games--June 18 2011 Used 334

Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival

AGM 2011 -Turnbull Honored Clan

by Helen Turnbull Goody

Used AGM4The AGM Turnbull Tent all decked out. Used AGM2Tent Host Helen Turnbull Goody ready to go.The Turnbulls have been represented at the Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival for more than 15 years, but this year was special. As the host for the annual gathering for the Turnbulll Clan Association, this year’s festival–held September 8-11, 2011– celebrated the Turnbulls as an honored clan with all the fringe benefits.
The Thursday evening Tattoo welcomed Helen Turnbull Goody, Jeff Goody, Gregor Goody, and (honorary Turnbull) Jeff Gutierrez as Turnbull clan representatives, entering the event by horse-drawn carriage. The tattoo was exceptional this year in the wake of the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attack: celebratory presentations from all armed forces including the incredible U.S. Air Force Drill Team, and several outstanding pipe bands including the 1st Battlion Scots Guards. It was truly an honor to be part of such an emotional memorial.
The festival produced great music, athletic events, Dogs of the British Isles demonstrations, Highland dancing, cannon demonstrations, and of course, the pipe bands. And the weather (often dicey in the Colorado mountains in September) was absolutely perfect.
As a honored clan, the Turnbulls had the privileges of tent display separate from Clan Row, individual recognition at the Opening Ceremonies. The Kirking of the Tartan, and in the festival program. Usually a small contingent hosts the tent, and we local Turnbulls usually recruit a few honorary members to help man the stations. But this year we had great turnout from Turnbulls, Trimbles and even one Turnbow! Visiting the tent and representing Turnbulls in grandstand ceremonies throughout the weekend included Jeff, Helen, and Gregor Turnbull Goody, Chris and Stacey Turnbull, Patrick Hewitt and family, Tom Meiers, The Mechem family.
Saturday marked the highlight of the festival with the largest all-Celtic parade in North America. Turnbulls usually bring up the rear of the parade (clans march in alphabetical order), but this year, as an honored clan, we were welcomed at the front with other honored clans, and the Scots Guard following behind (perfect marching music)! Representing the Turnbulls in the parade were Jeff, Helen and Gregor Turnbull Goody, Jeff Gutierrez (Royal Banner Carrier), Spencer Mechem (Lord of Drumming), Grace Mechem (Lady of Candy Throwing), and Chris and Stacey Turnbull (first-time paraders, but they promise to come next year!).
Used AGM3Helen and Jeff’s son, Gregor and fellow bandmate; Future Pipes and Drums for the Turnbulls?Used AGM 6Chris and Stacey Turnbull from Fountain, Colorado, at the Turnbull tentThe weekend closed with a presentation of the Honored Clan plaque to the Turnbull Clan by Kent Woodward, Clan Committee Chair of the Longs Peak Games. A good time was had by all Turnbulls, so we hope to see you all here next year!






Florida Games

by Bob Turnbull - Florida Tent Host
bob2Bob Turnbull with daughter, Vanessa at the Orlando, FL games.There’s a fun story that goes with the Orlando games this year. First, I was interviewed by the Orlando Sentinel, which gave the Turnbull Clan a little air time.
However, the best story follows. When I submitted the application for the tent and tickets, I mentioned that in 2010 they forgot to call out Clan Turnbull during the March of the Tartans. So, this year, as the clans were gathering to march, I heard someone loudly calling out Clan Turnbull. I replied that would be me and was told that to make up for last year, they wanted Clan Turnbull to march 2nd behind the Honored Clan Henderson.
So Vanessa, my wife, son Robert, and Dave, a fellow local Turnbull who comes every year, and I lined up and proudly marched behind the honored clan. Well, wouldn’t you know, they still didn’t get it right. Nonetheless, we yelled “I Saved the King” as we passed by the reviewing stand.
We went back to the clan tent and while I was talking to the Clan Scotts next door the guy who was calling out for us before road up in a golf cart, got out, and came up to apologize for the blotched march again. I said not a problem we’ll try again next year. He handed me a 750ml bottle of 12 year old Singleton Single Malt and walked away, I just said WOW. We spent the rest of Sunday drinking “Apple Pie” that my friends Patty and James of the Clan Scott had made. Oh, and there is an eatery called the Tilted Kilt (a new chain) that we went to on Saturday and Sunday for dinner, whilst wearing my kilt. They loved it and I was given a free drink.
All in all a fun and memorable weekend!

Ocala gamesWind and rain from the No Name Storm, couldn’t dampen the spirits or those attending the Ocala, FL games.Ocala games... This was the 2nd year with new organization of the Ocala games held at the Silver Springs Attraction. It was rainy and windy on Saturday and by Sunday night the general area was flooding, It was considered a No Name Storm, 12” of rain and wind up to 85 mph. Still had a great  time, hooked up with the Scotts and enjoyed their Apple Pie drink. We had a good view of the dancing and music up on the stage, where the Beach Boys have played along with many other top names. Nice place to hold events.





by Bill Trimble - Pacific Northwest Tent Host
Pacific Games 1Left to right: Angus Turnbull, Pat Trimble, Emma Lenz, Lynn Lenz, Kim Trimble, Mason Epperly, Mary Kay Hilding, Dale Hilding, Bailey Epperly, Jim Epperly, Stacy Epperly, Bill TrimbleUnder the shadow of majestic, snow-covered Mount Rainier, the 65th Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games were held at the Enumclaw Expo Center the weekend of July 29-31, 2011. The Turnbulls were represented by Pat and Bill Trimble, brother Kim Trimble and Dale and Mary Kay Hilding from Pendleton, Oregon.
Over the course of the three-day event we had over 80 people stopped by our tent, including a surprise visit by Marilyn and Ron Jennings from Boise, Idaho. Marilyn and Ron were with the group of Turnbulls who toured Scotland in June, 2007. It was good to see them again and reminisce about all the fun we had there.
Seventy-five Clans were represented at the Games, and 15 Pipe Bands were in attendance, which is down from previous years. I imagine most the bands that usually perform at Enumclaw were attending the piping competition at the Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario, Canada that same weekend.
As usual, there were many activities available. One activity we enjoyed was watching a satire of Shakespeare’s Macbeth performed by the Seattle Knights, in which lines from the various films such
as “Highlander,” “Star Wars,” “Harry Potter,” and others were added to the scenes. We meet with Rick Van Meter, who portrayed Robbie Turnbull in the skit. We visited the kennel to see the dogs, and listened to the Wicked Tinkers, which is always fun.
We invite all Turnbulls to come to Enumclaw next July 27-29, 2012 and help us celebrate the 66th Annual Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games and Clan Gathering. Come early and visit the many wonderful sights in the Pacific Northwest.

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