Turnbull Clan Association

Overs 40 TCA supporters of Fatlips gathered on June 14, 2007. If you look carefully you can see TCA's new flag proudly displayed near the top of the castle.

Fatlips Castle is a 16th century stone rectangular tower house, of three storeys and a garret, founded by the Turnbulls of Barnhill. The entrance leads to a vaulted basement, with a spiral stair in one corner, which gives access to all the floors. At the garret, a round caphouse leads to an impressive corbelled parapet, which is rounded on the angles. In the 19th century, the tower was restored and renovated to be used as a shooting box and a private museum but sadly it is now once again ruinous.

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  We are deeply indebted to Gemma Hon Turnbull Barnard for her continual efforts to make and keep Fatlips in the forefront of Borders heritage. 

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