Turnbull Clan Association

Scottish Games with TCA Participation

2003 Glasgow Kentucky Highland Games

CTI Glasgow Best Tent

Glasgow Highland Games, June 2003, lt. to rt. Chief of Clan McLeod, unknown in the white shirt and cap, Treena accepting the award, Scott Trimble, and James Trumble in the white hat.

At the Glasgow Kentucky Highland Games May 30, 2003, Clan Turnbull International received the Best Clan Tent award over a field of more than 80 clan tents for the most, informative, educational and attractive display. A big Turnbull congratulations to Scott and Treena Trimble and James Trumble.

2005 Orlando, Florida Games

John Vitsur, Vanessa Turnbull, Bob Turnbull at the January 2005 Orlando Highland Games

Bob Turnbull hosted the Clan Turnbull tent at the Orlando, Florida games this year. Bob an active member of TCA is the son of Robert F. Turnbull, one of the founding fathers of the organization. Bob lives in Florida and has a son, Robert Scott II and daughter, Vanessa (seen in the above photo). Bob was born and raised in Norfolk, Va. He attended the University of Maryland. He is an engineer working as a Manager of Technical Operations with Lockheed Martin. He began working for LM in Baltimore and later transferred to Florida where he continued working for the company for 10 years.

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2004 St. Louis Scottish Games & Heritage Festival

Every year, the second weekend of October finds many laddies in kilts and lassies in tartan sashes at Forest Park-St. Louis, for the Scottish Games. This year the rain held off, but the presidential debates at Washington University interfered with traffic and parking, making the Friday Calling of the Clans smaller than usual. However, Saturday was full of athletics, band and pipe competition and Clan Tent hospitality!

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2005 Pacific Northwest Highland Games

July 29-31, 2005 in Enumclaw, Washington

Hello, my name is Dylan Drettwan. Sleeping to my right is my twin brother Kasey. We are 10 months old and the sons of Rich and Robyn Drettwan and grandsons of Pat and Bill Trimble. Two years ago, our cousin, Mason Epperly, introduced you to the 2003 Tri-Cities Scottish Highland Games. Now it’s our turn to introduce you to the 2005 Pacific Northwest Highland Games, which were held July 29-31, 2005 in Enumclaw, Washington.

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2006 Orlando, Florida Games

Bob Turnbull with daughter, Vanessa, hosting the Turnbull tent at the Orlando, Florida games.

Bob Turnbull of Ocala, FL reports on the Orlando Highland Games, where he and his daughter, Vanessa hosted a Turnbull Tent. The weather this year was very beautiful, unlike the games of last year. Lots of wonderful sunshine and 80 degrees made for a great time. I want to present some of the people that are of the Turnbull family who passed by the tent. I mentioned the Orlando games to a gal I met at a convention in December who saw my name tag and indicated that her mother was a Turnbull. I told her she should come. She, her husband and son, along with her uncle on her mom's side drove up from Melbourne, Florida to enjoy a great day at the games. Her name is Elizabeth Cook. Her husband is David Cook and their son is Maxwell Cook. Her uncle is Robert W. Turnbull (another Bob!) from Clearwater, Florida. Bob was familiar with TCA as he indicated that he has been a member.

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2004 Missouri Tartan Day Celebration

Turnbull Clan Honored

The Turnbull clan was honored at the 2004 Missouri Tartan Day celebration with its President, Wally Turnbull, being chosen to lead the "Rathad Breacan," (Tartan Trail) parade as Grand Marshall.

missouri 1
Parade Grand Marshal TCA President Wally Turnbull

The parade marched through historic St. Charles on Saturday April 3rd when Tartan Day, officially April 6th, which honors the United States' Scots heritage, was observed in Missouri.

Keith and Therese Turnbull, who live in St. Louis and serve as regional TCA Coordinators, worked with Judie Chaboude, president of Missouri Tartan Day Festivities, to promote Missouri’s Scottish heritage and the Turnbull Clan. Missouri is primarily a state of German and French ancestry so the few Scottish descendants have had to work tirelessly to promote their heritage.

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2007 Games with TCA Representation

Mesa, Arizona Scottish Gathering and Highland Games

By Bill and Claudia Trimble

 Left to right: Katheryn Dollar, Sharon Naughton, Bill Trimble, Mason Bazala, Dorothy Trimble, Russell Trimble Left to right: Katheryn Dollar, Sharon Naughton, Bill Trimble, Mason Bazala, Dorothy Trimble, Russell Trimble

How important is sponsoring a clan tent at your area Scottish Highland Games? As we found out at the 43rd annual Mesa Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games, it can be very important! This was the second year that we sponsored a Turnbull Clan Tent. On Saturday afternoon, Feb. 24, we met Donna Sullivan and her family. She told us about her deceased sister, Dolores (Dee) Springer, who had been active in the New Hampshire Highland Games and Clan Turnbull. Dolores was well known for artistic cake making, including a Turnbull Clan Crest cake she made for the AGM in 2002. Claudia and I remembered visiting with Dee at the NH games in 2002. Dee shared with Claudia (a nurse) about her illness.

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2004 Dunedin Florida Games

dunedin flWell this April after many many years of wanting to go to the Dunedin Games they turned out to be somewhat disappointing. For a 38th year event it was a rather a small venue. Also arriving I found no tent at our spot. So had to "find" the information booth to see what was up. Pretty disorganized. The Trimbles showed up mid morning and Claudia had packed some snacks and drinks which was very nice. They also brought "Turnbull" items to help with the display. The weather was picture perfect.

2008 Highland Games with TCA Participation

Scottish Gathering and Highland Games, Phoenix, Arizona

Russell Trimble, Bill and Claudia Trimble sponsor the Turnbull tent at the 44th annual Scottish Gathering in Phoenix, AZ.

Together with father, Russell, Bill and Claudia Trimble once again represented the Turnbull Clan at the 44th annual Scottish Gathering and Highland Games in Phoenix, Arizona. Bill reports that this year’s games were held in a different venue from previous games.

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