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  • turnbull pedigree turnbull albert 

    Albert Turnbull's clear and thorough geneaogical research, which has established the link to Edward III's third son, the Duke of Clarence.

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    Borders Tales and Trails Illustrated with color photographs and narrated by authors Kenneth and Norman Turnbull of the Borders Turnbull clan, Borders Tales and Trails guides the reader through the exploration of the most important and exciting heritage sites in the Borders of Scotland.

    The story of Scotland is that of a brave and defiant people's desire for self-determination. The recorded part of that story covers thousands of years and involves much internal strife and frequent wars with great foreign powers, including the

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  • 715G9Tl+RvL. AC UL320

    There have been dozens of books and theories about the identity of Jack the Ripper, but not one like this. They have all been dismissed through lack of credible evidence. James Maybrick was a strong suspect, because of a diary, allegedly written by him, which turned up at the home of a working class Liverpool family in 1950. It was dismissed as a hoax, partly because the Hitler Diaries proved to be a hoax. The detractors also stated that the

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  • man who saved the king

    There is no better way to share the wonderful story of how Turnbulls got their name than with The Man Who Saved The King .

    In The Man Who Saved The King, Papa tells little Billy the wonderful story of William who struggled with his size and strength as a child. When he grows into a man, William's childhood burden becomes the key to change Scotland's history forever. This tale, based on the historical story of William Rule and King Robert

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  • monarchy 1

    It is not every day that a member of the public gets the opportunity to save a Monarchy.

    One day, in September of 2008, I did just that.

    This is the light-hearted but true story of how I came to return a raven back to the Tower of London after it had escaped and made it's way to Greenwich Royal Park near my home. In doing so, the required compliment of six ravens was once again reached and (according to

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  • RulewaterCover-72

    Rulewater and Its People In Print and Available!

    Until recently, Rulewater and Its People was out of print. However, Light Messages Publishing is pleased to announce that it is back in print, complete with the entire text and original photos. 

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    new smyrna When East Florida was ceded to England by Spain in 1763, Scottish physician, Dr. Andrew Turnbull, recruited over 1,400 Mediterranean colonists to establish the agricultural colony he named "Smyrnéa." Carita Doggett recounts that not only did the growing conditions prove less than ideal but how seemingly every imaginable calamity befell the colony before it failed in 1777.


    This new edition includes over 100 added pages of original correspondence between Andrew Turnbull and others involved with his Smyrnéa venture. 

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  • Origines Parochiales Scotiae 

    This is an extract of pages 259-386 of Origines Parochiales Scotiae: the antiquities ecclesiastical and territorial of the parishes of Scotland.  This 1751 book is a description and history of the parishes of Scotland. This extract covers the parishes where most Turnbulls lived. This book is in the public domain. It can be read online or downloaded for local reading.

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  • fatlips cover

    A small Scottish castle stands empty atop a high ridge just north of the border with England. It’s been there for centuries, quietly keeping its hidden joys and secret sorrows to itself.
    On a clear day, it can be seen from miles away, as though luring visitors to come and admire its powerful presence and imposing rectangular stone walls.

    Sometimes those visitors enter and climb the spiral staircase to wander the ramparts, and speculate what dramas they might have witnessed

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  • Isobel cover

    Isobel must leave all she has ever known behind. This is story of a little girl and her family's voyage to a new world. The MacDougald family journey across the ocean to settle in North Carolina teaches that while change can be scary, home is with the family.

    Leaving behind a beloved land, embarking on a risky journey, and settling in a far away place - all for the hope of a fresh start and bright future. It's the story of

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  • I Saved the King

    The Story of the Turnbulls

    by R. E. Scott
    1977 - 1986


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  • grandads storyLong time TCA member and Genealogist Albert Turnbull has a new book available on Amazon.com called Grandad's Story by Albert Turnbull.

    An autobiography from the War years up to date including engaging details of life in pre-war England. The Turnbull Clan are mentioned plus his 55 generation family tree. 

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  • Abigail front cover

    In this, the second book in the Papa and Billy series, author Betty Turnbull takes the reader on a trip back to early 18th century Border times.

    In Abigail and the Royal Thread, Papa tells Billy the inspirational story of Abigail and her family who set out to do the impossible in exchange for a home and land to call their very own. When it looks like everything’s going wrong, Abigail must choose to believe in herself or risk losing

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