Turnbull Clan Association

Turnbull and Co. Furniture Removers Horse Drawn Van

Lledo Days Gone Series, Model No. DG11, die cast, 1/50 life size model of horse drawn van.  Turnbull & Co Furniture Removers of Prittlewell, Essex

Date: 1983 based on the original van, c. 1870

Dimensions: 4” long, 2” high, 2” wide

Location: Wally Turnbull Collection, Durham, NC, USA

Notes: Jack Odell, who once worked for Matchbox Toys, left the company to form his own company.  He gave the company his last name, spelled backwards.  His first six models appeared in 1983.  Five of these were horse drawn models.  Days Gone is Lledo’s line of collectible vintage vehicles.

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