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C. GARNET TRIMBLEOn the 16th of April 1884 Charles Garnet Trimble was born to Andrew Hill and Cynthia Wright Trimble in Essex, Ontario, Canada. He was the seventh son of ten boys and three girls in the family.
Because he was the seventh son of Scot/Irish ancestry (his great grandfather immigrated to Canada from Ireland in 1821) and an old Irish belief, Garnet was destined to take up the practice of medicine by becoming a doctor.


Not your father’s residence hall; Trimble Hall represents a new generation of campus living.

By Bill Trimble


C. Garnet Trimble Hall, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington

The University of Puget Sound, in Tacoma, Washington dedicated Trimble Hall on September 27th, 2002. This upperclassman residency hall is named for Doctor Charles Garnet Trimble. Dr. Trimble and his wife Edith served as medical missionaries in China before returning to Tacoma to practice medicine. He was the college physician for many years.

Representatives from the college faculty, students, the architectural firm and the contractor attended the dedication ceremony along with the doctor’s son, Robert A. Trimble and daughter, Margaret J. (Peg) Campbell, thirteen grandchildren, and numerous great grandchildren and other family members.

Robert A. Trimble speaking at dedication ceremony

The community space exists on several scales, from small lounges serving groups of suites, to larger centrally located gathering spots on each floor to a classroom and “forum” space open to the public. The forum room is the centerpiece of Trimble Hall. It comes complete with attached kitchen facilities and can seat around 80 for dinners, or 150 for lectures and presentations. Two other features are a faculty member living in apartment on the first floor and has a guest room furnished in Chinese rosewood.

This 56,000 square foot facility has 184 bedrooms, all of them single. The rooms are arranged in suites of between two and six, with each suite sharing a kitchenette, living space and a semi-private bath.

image005 image006 image007

Kitchen and living space in guest suite

Furnishings in guest suite bed room

Trimble Hall contains:

  • 368 towel bars
  • 259 computer data ports
  • 17 washers and dryers
  • 11 types of fabric on the furniture
  • Over 238 telephones

After the dedication ceremony, a picnic was held with the resident students of Trimble Hall and members of the Trimble Family.

image008 image009

Picnic after Trimble Hall Dedication

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