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In order to reach a greater number of our clan members by social media, TCA dues are voluntary. We do encourage everyone who can to support the activities of the clan but believe that promoting clan unity and exchange are the most important goals. Real stories and reports of what your fellow clan members are doing around the world can be found in the current issue of the Bullseye newsletter.

While dues are voluntary, we do need money to function and to fund activities that promote our clan heritage and family unity.  These activities include this excellent website, extensive genealogical records, tent hosting at Scottish events, clan arms, and heritage projects like the Turning of the Bull monument and the Bedrule cairn. The current issue of the Bullseye includes a list of additional projects we want to accomplish.

We neither want nor intend to pester you with a lot of fund-raising appeals but we do need your support to fund the programs of your Turnbull Clan Association.  Please support your clan today.

Thank you - Audaci Favet Fortuna!

Wally Turnbull

Contribute to the Monument Fund

The Baron of Bedrule has donated three unique and valuable items from his personal collection as incentives for contributions to the Monument Fund. Because there is no cost to TCA for these items, all contributions will be applied to the Monument Fund.

First prize is a millennium bottle of Turnbull whisky, limited 2009 edition, created for the Turnbull of the Bull unveiling. The whisky was distilled at the turn of the century in 1999 and bottled in 2009. This bottle, bearing the image of the Turning of the Bull monument is priceless not only as a rare collectors’s item but more so because Turnbull whisky is no longer available.

Second prize is a Turnbull Clan Arms flag, which was flown over the Bedrule Castle mound in Bedrule, Scotland, by the Baron of Bedrule. This special flag, which cannot be purchased anywhere, is a valuable collector’s item, which may be flown to proudly display your clan heritage.

Third prize is an antique Turnbull Whisky sign. This metal 18”x12” advertising sign dates from the original Hawick Turnbull whisky. So valued is this as a decorator and collector’s item that replicas of this sign are commonly sold on Amazon and Ebay. This is your chance to own on of the rare originals.

Every $50 contribution to the Monument Fund earns a chance to win one of these prizes. Every $500 contribution provides 12 chances and each $1000 contribution provides 25 chances.


A chance to win one of these prizes:
Twelve chances to win:
Twenty five chances to win:
Other contribution:

TCA Contact List

In the USA, TCA is recognized by the IRS as a 501.C.3 non-profit organization.

PRESIDENT: Wally Turnbull
5216 Tahoe Drive
Durham, NC 27713 USA
Tel: (919) 361-5041
Fax: (866) 585-4635

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Fáilte a Chomhlachas Turnbull Treibh
Welcome to the Turnbull Clan Association!

The Turnbull Clan Association (TCA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to research, preserve, and promote our cultural heritage for the enjoyment and benefit of our members and of future generations. TCA also serves as a fraternal organization which brings together individuals who are descended from the Turnbull family and its branches. Variations of the name Turnbull and family septs include: Tornbule, Tornbule, Tornebu, Tourneboeuf, Tournebu, Tournebull, Tremble, Trimble, Trombel, Trumball, Trumble, Trumbull, Trumell, Trummel, Turnball, Turnbo, Turnbul, Turnebull, Roule, and Rule.

If you are related to the Turnbulls or one of our family branches but are not yet registered as a member of the clan we would like to welcome you as a member of TCA for an informative and rewarding exchange with other clan members.  Click here to register.

TCA sponsors clan tents at popular Highland games so that clan members may have a chance to meet TCA representatives and build friendly relationships with others to whom they are related though the Turnbull Clan.In addition to promoting cultural heritage and clan family history, TCA serves as a genealogical archive for individual family branches. The archival process and its accompanying searchable database are an ongoing project for which we solicit your participation. If you are interested in adding your related family tree to these archives please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

TCA's newsletter, The Bullseye is published six times a year in alternating months in printed and electronic form. Signup online at www.turnbullclan.com

Please enjoy the TCA website at www.turnbullclan.com where you will find a wealth of information and a multitude of links to things Turnbull in Scotland and around the world.

Remember that TCA is your association. This means that it is not only for you but it is also of and by you. We solicit your input and participation in making TCA as informative, fun, and meaningful as possible.

Fortune Favors the Bold!

Walter Turnbull

Turnbull Facebook

Turnbull Clan Facebook Page - Please LIKE this page to see Turnbull news and features of interest on your Facebook page.

Turnbull Facebook Group - Please JOIN this group to discuss and share with other Turnbulls from all over the world.

TCA's Online Membership Registration

The Turnbull Clan Association officers and members have approved a new membership policy to begin in 2013.  Based on work done by outgoing TCA President Rhet Turnbull, this membership structure is designed to increase participation in the clan association, especially by our younger members.

Turnbull Clan Association membership registration is free and easy.

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