TCA Whisky

You can own your own bottle  

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the date Robert the Bruce was inaugurated King of Scotland in 1306, a European oak cask was filled with Borders Distillery private reserve whisky and set aside exclusively for members of the Turnbull Clan Association. What’s more, for a limited time only you can be part of this history-making once-in-a-lifetime project.

The TCA cask which has now been sealed and identified with the Turnbull name is resting and aging in the cellars of the the Borders Distillery, also known as The Three Stills Company in Hawick. By law, Scotch whisky must mature in a cask for at least 3 years and one day before it can be sold but single malt whisky like this is usually matured for 8 or more years. The best quality is achieved at 12 or more years depending on one’s taste preferences.

To age our whisky, we selected a cask that was previously used for Muscat wine. This means that as it ages the whisky will not only take on butterscotch and vanilla notes from the wood but also floral and fruity notes of peach and citrus from its wine history.

Our Turnbull whisky will come of age and be ready to drink in 2033. After the angels take their share during the aging process, we should be left with around 250 bottles in the cask. Note that unless US laws and circumstances change you will be required to arrange for delivery of your prize in Hawick. But then, what an excuse that will be to visit the glorious Borders of Scotland!

One hundred bottles of this rare whisky are being made available on a first come basis for a donation of $75 US. This donation level will be available for a limited time only. What a great gift to yourself or to future generations.

For those of you who live in the USA, a portion of your donation will also be tax-deductible. You can have the bragging rights of owning part of a cask of whisky aging in a Hawick cellar. Later you will have the pleasure of drinking your very own limited edition “uisge beatha.” (whisky)

Reserve yours for $75 US (or the equivelant in foreign currencies) donation per bottle (limited to first 100 only).

Participate in the Turnbull whisky project. (US$ 75 donation per bottle.)