Turnbull Clan Association


Support Your Clan

In order to reach a greater number of our clan members by social media, TCA dues are voluntary. We do encourage everyone who can to support the activities of the clan. Promoting clan unity and exchange are the most important goals. Real stories and reports of what your fellow clan members are doing around the world can be found in the current issue of the Bullseye newsletter.

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Tent Fund

The Tent Fund helps our clan representatives sponsor Clan Turnbull tents at Highland games and other Scottish events. This presence not only promotes Clan Turnbull pride of recognition, it is an important point of contact with our extended clan family.

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Special Projects

Special Projects funds are used to support worldwide Turnbull projects and programs including the Turnbull Monument, Fatlips Castle, Bedrule Castle preservation, and the Turnbull Cairn.

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Whisky Cask Project

On Thursday, March 25, 2021, the date Robert the Bruce was inaugurated King of Scotland in 1306, a European oak cask was filled with Borders Distillery private reserve whisky and set aside exclusively for members of the Turnbull Clan Association. What’s more, for a limited time only you can be part of this history-making once-in-a-lifetime project.

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