The Turnbull Clan Association officers and members have approved a new membership policy.  This membership structure is designed to increase participation in the clan association, especially by our younger members.

Turnbull Clan Association membership registration is free and easy.

TCA Member Login and RegistrationThis new social model of membership, available for free to all Turnbull clan members, will continue to provide all the benefits to which members are accustomed plus more, including Bullseye newsletters, web news, features, and information,  participation in Scottish games and genealogy.

This change is a result of the way people now interact with each other.  Social contact is increasingly virtual (online) and casual.  It is personal and is more about family and friends than about history and heritage.  Consequently, TCA’s policies have been re-designed to support the virtual and physical interaction of family and friends while encouraging knowledge of our clan history and heritage.

Anyone who is a Turnbull or a member of an allied sept is already a member of the Turnbull Clan.  That is his or her birthright and is part of the foundation of the clan system.  Another important part of the clan foundation is the concept of being united and coming together to support each other.  That is also a primary purpose of our Turnbull Clan Association.  TCA provides a way for clan members to unite virtually and to share socially from all over the world.

Members are expected to register and maintain their own accounts through the TCA website home page. Register a new account if you have not already done so, otherwise, simply log in to your account from the home page and you will be presented with page of multiple resources plus the option of Editing my Account Profile.  Under your Account Profile page, you can update your contact information, renew or upgrade your membership, and participate in various projects and fundraising events. Those who are unable to manage their account on-line, may e-mail their information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send the information and dues payments by postal mail to: Turnbull Clan Association, 517 Sundilla Ct., Auburn, AL, 36830, USA.

In addition to an active and extensive website available at members are encouraged to join and participate in the Turnbull Facebook page for Turnbull related news and features.  Anyone can read what is posted on this page but you must have your own Facebook account to post messages.

Bullseye newsletters, features, history, and geneology records are available on the website as before.

Accounts will be created for most members who have previously registered with TCA.  User names and passwords have been sent by e-mail to those members for whom TCA has an e-mail address.  When these pre-registered members login they will have the option of updating or changing their personal information, including username and password.

Because membership is free we encourage members to support the activities of the clan, including tent hosting at Scottish events, by becoming contributing members with a voluntary annual dues of $24, and with donations to TCA. For a list of available options, visit your profile page.